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Questions on Web development

  • Why my business need a website ?

    Website is needed to do following 24×7 Availability, Global Presence, Social Proofing, Improves Brand, Credibility, Let’s you target a wider audience, Website saves you time, Improves Customer Service, Retargeting on social media, Stay ahead of competitors,

  • Do people judge business based on website?

    According to a study, 75% of people judge a brand’s credibility by going through their website.

  • How is website for your business created?

    1. Determining the purpose of the website 2.Setting the right Mobile Responsive theme 3. Note making of Client’s expectation from website 4. Colour Psychology according to category of Business 5. Right Use of Images, Videos 6. SSL Implementation 7.Responsive Design Design Customization 8. Beautiful Unique Header & Footer

  • What is difference between Web designing and development?

    Web designing is the frontend design. It means Web designers are for designing the web pages that directly interact through the user. Web Developing is a backend programming. in this, we decry the overall functionality of our web application(Website). is mostly using software for web developing

  • How to choose a Web designing and development company?

    Hiring a web development company is one of the most important parts as that person develops an online face of your business. Web development company help to enable to interact with customers virtually and thus, it is compulsory to hire right company for developing a website.

  • What questions should you ask a web designer before you hire them?

    You should ask what is the portfolio of that person. At the same time it is essential to ask what is the price per service of that person.

  • Web development vs Web designing ?

    A web designer mainly works in HTML or CSS or use other graphical program like Photoshop or illustrator etc. A WEB developer engineers the program that makes the website run properly.

Questions on <span>Web development</span>
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