Data Analytics for Busuness inteligence and Custom reports

We Help You Understand User Journey With Reliable Analytics Solutions

Analytics is a business function which cannot be overlooked as it serves key information about the user journey. App and web analytics give comprehensive real-time information related to the user behavior as well as events related to the business. The data so analyzed is presented in the form of reports and metrics such as user engagement, retention, uninstalls, revenues, and more. Not only does it give an in-depth insight into the user behavior, but also presents a clear picture for comparison with the market and industry trends. Businesses can use these reports to optimize their online performance and build strategies for the future.

At Goodluck , we offer reliable business analytics service to help you interpret and analyze business data for taking best decisions. Our app and web analytics consultants serve data usability and enable you to unearth the unmatched opportunities it brings for business growth. We use innovative techniques to track and analyze the user journey on the web and mobile selling channels in a reliable manner. From this analysis, we gather rich and relevant insights that help us in tweaking the business strategies to maximize the traffic, engagement, and conversions. We leverage the analytical insights to help businesses to enhance their performance and achieve their objectives.

Here Is All That We Deliver As Part Of Our Services:

Data Collection

Data is the core of business intelligence as all the key decisions are based on it. The process begins with the collection of relevant data about the users, with metrics like history, preferences, demographics, etc being gathered. At Goodluck, we collect the entire user data from all existing sources such as websites and mobile applications. We piece together the information and make it usable for further processing.

Information Audit

Since data is collected from various sources, it may be huge and some of it may be redundant. Our web and app analytics consultants perform an extensive information audit to filter the usable data and discard the irrelevant information. We segment the data to measure only those metrics that are vital for business decisions. Our job is to unravel the opportunities that lie hidden in the vast data we collect.

Analytics Implementation

Once the data is segmented and turned into usable information, the actual process of web and app analysis is implemented. As a trusted Digital Analytics Company, we process and analyze the data to learn all about the key metrics and patterns such as user engagement, conversion, retention, app uninstalls, and more, on the app as well as the website. Our experts assist you in transforming raw data into useful, actionable information.


Reporting plays a significant role in the analytics process as it actually presents information in the usable form. We offer informative and understandable custom reports to the clients so that they can take relevant business decisions. We also provide Google Analytics Consulting services to help you interpret these reports and act on the information they give.

Custom Dashboard

We will help you create custom dashboards so you can track all metric you care about and leave all unwanted .We can create custom reports like for sharehoslders specific reports

Why Us For Busuness inteligence?

We at Goodluck provide best problem solving abilities in India. . We bring the most advanced analytics solutions that drive impactful business decisions.

  • We cater Customized solutions that are created with thorough understanding of the client requirement.
  • Our track record is a brilliant one, with hundreds of success stories for clients across diverse industry verticals
  • We have a team of certified Google Analytics experts who turn simple market metrics into powerful decision parameters
  • Our solutions offer instant answers and with automated insights and the surety of accuracy
  • We serve reliable data related to every user’s mobile and web journey and enable you to understand your product and business better
  • At Goodluck, we offer simple, scalable, and cost-effective analytics solutions that deliver a high ROI
"Chinmay and his team did great job. I got my website updated which was quick and quality work at reasonable price.The project was delivered to me within time Quoted, Communication was excellent. They helped me create a Custom dashboard where they can merge all sort of data from YouTube to amazon affiliate and see regularly how much revenue and things are going to each stats i need to see. I got to know my business issues by seeing weekly data instead of seeing them at the end of quarter. From this exercise in after 1 year of updates i am having my best quarter ever.. I'd love to work again.."

Other Services

Website development

We help you design beautifull Website design, that is mobile-ready and Search engine optimized that help you meet your business objectives and support your digital marketing campaigns.

Stats: Google has found that 53% of mobile website visitors will leave if a webpage doesn’t load within three seconds.

Search engine optimized pages are a cost-effective way to achieve long-term, sustainable, success for your business. It help in your digital marketing strategy for higher traffic

Stats:Out of organic SEO listings  60% of the clicks go to the top three listings . The first result page gets 89% of all clicks.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Getting visitors to your site is only half the battle.The slightest improvement in your website’s performance can make a huge improvement on your sales figures and the benefits can be felt every month for around 3 years.

Example in Wallmart site they found  For every 100ms of improvement, they grew incremental revenue by up to 1%

Email Marketing

How many emails from businesses do you delete every day? Let’s make yours stand out and work for your business or brand.

For the last 10 years, email marketing has delivered the highest ROI of any digital marketing channel.

Contnet Marketing

Create and curate valuable, relevant content which will assist you obtain and retain customers with a well-planned and expertly executed content marketing strategy

Pro tip: Only Publish Your Very Best Material—and Be Consistent and atleast once a week.

Contnent Analysis

Analytics isn’t just for tracking your traffic. Hidden below that dashboard is a wealth of visitor information just waiting to be processed and acted upon.

This is where Big Data and other analysis tools help by  creating a customized dashboard  so they all relavent information is shown on a single page.

Why us for Business Inteligence ?

  • Measuring metrics like traffic, views, searches, and trends to facilitate marketing research
  • Studying the bounce rate to comprehend the possible reasons for the same
  • Navigation and keyword analysis to work on giving an enhanced user experience
  • Using the data to optimize the performance of the mobile app or website

Need help in Marketing or Website Optimizations

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